Arizona Immigration Solutions Conferences Examining what works, What doesn't and identifying the best Immigration solution for Arizona

Thanks to everyone who attend any of the five immigration solutions conferences. To say they were anything but a tremendous success would be an understatement. We have archived the presentations for each of the conferences here. Feel free to download and share them with your neighbors, friends and family.

These public conferences brought together the best of the best of the country's immigration researchers, policy makers and members of the public to examine the impacts Arizona's immigration laws have had on our state and to begin the search for a better solution.

map Flagstaff AISC
Tucson AISC Yuma AISC

Arizona Immigration Solutions Conference At Rio Salado College (Top left) and Flagstaff High Country Center (Top Right) Mesa at Mesa Community College (Center Right), Tucson (Bottom Left) and Yuma at Arizona Western College (Bottom Right).

The purpose of the Arizona Immigration Solutions Conference (AISC) was to open a thoughtful and informed public dialogue about our state's immigration policies. It asked two simple yet responsible questions: "are Arizona's strategies working?" and "if not, then what should we be doing to address the problem?" To answer these questions, the AISC brought in nationally known researchers, state and local elected officials, business owners and community and faith leaders to look closely at how we're doing and ask tough questions about whether we're spending our resources wisely, where we're headed and examine new and different solutions. It was non-partisan, non-judgmental and fact-based.

The conferences were held at Rio Salado College in Tempe in May, Flagstaff in August, Mesa in September, Tucson in October, and the final in Yuma in mid-November. These conferences were sponsored by AZEIR along with sponsors, The Real Arizona Coalition, One Arizona/Interfaith Leaders and local business groups.

Information from previous conferences can be found at these links:

Congressional Immigration Solutions Conference

AZEIR, Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the National Immigration Forum sponsored the Congressional Immigration Solutions Forum on Tuesday, May 1 at the Rayburn House Office Building "Gold Room," 2168. The event was covered live on C-SPAN 3, who has made available videos of Lessons Learned panel and and the Immigration Solutions panel online.

Speakers included:

  • Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney
  • Dr. Douglas Massey, Princeton University's Mexican Migration Project
  • Eddie Aldrete, Senior VP, IBC Bank
  • Alex Nowrasteh, Cato Institute
  • Daryl Williams, Attorney, Baird, Williams and Greer

The program agenda is available here.



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