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AZEIR Statement on the recall of Russell Pearce [PDF]

On Tuesday November 8th, voters in Arizona Legislative District 18 changed their state senator. In a special recall election over 12,000 Republican, Independent and Democratic voters chose Republican Jerry Lewis to replace Russell Pearce. While many see this election as a referendum on immigration policy alone, in reality it was also a referendum on style, substance and the failure to address other critical issues important to our state. More...

AZEIR's Arizona Immigration Solutions Conferences

Tucson AISC Yuma AISC

Arizona Immigration Solutions Conference At Rio Salado College (Top left) and Flagstaff High Country Center (Top Right) Mesa at Mesa Community College (Bottom Left) And Tucson (Bottom Right).

The purpose of the Arizona Immigration Solutions Conference (AISC) was to open a thoughtful and informed public dialogue about our state's immigration policies. It asked two simple yet responsible questions: "are Arizona's strategies working?" and "if not, then what should we be doing to address the problem?" To answer these questions, the AISC brings in nationally known researchers, state and local elected officials, business owners and community and faith leaders to look closely at how we're doing and ask tough questions about whether we're spending our resources wisely, where we're headed and examine new and different solutions. It is non-partisan, non-judgemental and fact-based.

The first three conferences were held at Rio Salado College in Tempe in May, Flagstaff in August, Mesa in September, Tucson in October, and the final in Yuma in mid-November. These conferences were sponsored by AZEIR along with sponsors, The Real Arizona Coalition, One Arizona/Interfaith Leaders and local business groups.

Information from previous conferences can be found at these links:

AZEIR In The Community

Over past few years, AZEIR has had the opportunity to address community and business groups throughout Arizona and help shed some light as to the facts of immigration and immigrants and their impact on all aspects of the economy. The following online presentations were developed to be used to educate the public business owners and elected officials. Feel free to share these with your friends and business associates.

Truth in Immigration Title
Immigration Facts - Click to View

Avoiding Arizona's Mistakes

University of Texas Powerpoint
State Immigration Laws: Bad for Business?


If you would like an AZIER representative to speak to your business or community group, please send us an email. Please be aware we are not able to accommodate all requests.

AZEIR In The States

As other states have began introducing Arizona-style immigration bills, chambers of commerce, business trade organizations and community groups began to look to AZEIR for suggestion in how to best educate elected officials and the public about the practical impacts these laws have on the business community and the economy. By contacting AZEIR and working with other organizations who share similar objectives of sensible immigration legislation, AZEIR was able to help these states warn legislators and business owners about the impacts and steer them towards more practical approaches, particularly at the federal level. Below is a list of the state where AZEIR has testified before their state legislatures.

  • Utah (twice)
  • Kansas
  • Texas (four times)

Online Testimony

We were fortunate to have been able to influence sensible changes or defeat of Arizona-style bills in each of these states.

If you would like to see if AZEIR can help you put together fact-based informational programs for your state, please contact us by sending us an email. We will be happy to see how we may be able to assist you in promoting sensible immigration efforts in your state.

Last updated: November 14, 2011